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From the hottest updates in spatial tech to top tips you can start using today, join Wayne Lee-Archer, Ta Taneka and your new host Mary Murphy, as they dish out practical pointers to help you get the most out of your GIS.


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Meet the hosts

Ta Taneka profile image
Tariro Taneka
Program Manager, User Journeys
Esri Australia, Brisbane
Ta is the designer of the trailblazing ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro Migration and Web GIS enablement programs leading a new breed of GIS adoption specialists.   
Wayne Lee Archer - GIS Directions 1
Wayne Lee Archer
Sector Principal Consultant
Esri Australia, Brisbane
One of Australia's leading curators of spatial information and modern technology.
Mary Murphy - GIS Directions 2
Mary Murphy
Esri Australia, Perth
Experienced GIS and remote sensing specialist
Simon Jackson
Simon Jackson
Spatial Technology Strategist
Esri Australia, Melbourne
Leading spatial technology strategist

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