Building successful Esri Australia business partnerships

Esri Australia’s business partners form part of the global Esri Partner Network – a community of local and international organisations working to solve some of today’s most challenging problems.

As an Esri partner, you have the opportunity to collaborate with, and seek advice from, some of the world’s leading minds in advanced location-based analytics.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of becoming an Esri partner?

    As part of the Esri Partner Network, you will gain access to a wide range of resources, tools and opportunities to help develop and deliver innovative products and services.

    Partner with Esri and discover best practice techniques to deliver tangible results for your business and clients.

    • Collaborate with Esri Australia’s business development and industry solutions teams
    • Reach global markets through Esri’s network of distributors
    • Access Esri technology, training and resources to location-enable your business offerings
    • Reduce your time to market and minimise research and development costs for location-enabled business procedures

    Read more about what makes a successful partnership.

  • Who is eligible to become a partner?

    To become part of the Esri Partner Network, an organisation must:

    • Be a commercial (for-profit) entity
    • Have a business plan to leverage location for the benefit of their clients and the broader Esri community

    A knowledge of GIS techniques and capabilities is also an advantage.

    Interested in joining? Check your eligibility.

  • What makes a successful partnership?

    As an Esri partner, you have access to a community of like-minded organisations, a wealth of ArcGIS expertise, and a wide range of resources, tools and opportunities to help you develop and deliver your products and services.

    To make the most of your partnership and give your business the best chance of success, we recommend the following tips:

    • Use the ArcGIS platform as a system of record to manage clients’ assets and resources
    • Empower every employee and contractor working with your clients to use, make and share maps – boosting their productivity and decision-making
    • Embrace and leverage unique ArcGIS identities to provide clients with wider access to maps, apps and associated capabilities
    • Deliver immediate value by configuring first and customising second
    • Integrate ArcGIS with other systems to location-enable new and existing business processes and analytics
    • Ensure your customers’ success by kick-starting initial operating capabilities and providing ongoing guidance and long-term support

So, if you want to be part of the diverse community of Esri partners, join the Partner Network today.

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