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ArcGIS UrbanOrchestrate urban development

Make planning more creative and more productive

Streamline your plan creation, visualise current projects, and support public- and private-sector collaboration. ArcGIS Urban is a collection of web-based and desktop tools to help you create and manage plans and projects, engage with community stakeholders, and reduce risk—resulting in timely decision-making.

Share a map based view of planning and construction

ArcGIS Urban is much more than a product to help you design, manage and measure the impact of your plans. It is a new way of collaborating across departments and agencies to make the right decisions for the community.

A Digital Twin as context for change

Provides a 3D representation of the city and contextual information to assess performance and drive sound decision making.

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Visualise projects citywide, using a 3D base map enhances transparency and understanding.

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By formatting local building code into a common data model, a 3D visual representation can be generated of planning projects.

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Urban geometries can be used to drive detailed downstream reporting.

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Better engagement from all stakeholders.

Zoning and land use

Create visual and analytical representations, streamlining manual zoning and land-use methods.

Project status and design review

Ensure proposed development conforms to the city policy relating to visibility or shadow impact regulations during design review.

ArcGIS Urban: planning made simple

ArcGIS Urban: planning made simple

Our urban environments are under ever increasing pressure and the need for effective planning and utilisation of space has never been higher. In this webinar, Gordon Sumerling will share the features of ArcGIS Urban, designed to revolutionise and streamline urban planning.

ArcGIS Urban - Orchestrate urban development

ArcGIS Urban - Orchestrate urban development

Boston Planning & Development Agency: A New Revolution in Urban Planning.

Interested in ArcGIS Urban? Email an Esri Australia product expert or call 1800 870 750 to find out how to revolutionise your urban planning.