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History of GIS

Maps have been the catalyst to some of the greatest stories in history. Treasure hunts, grand voyages, daring adventures. They have always had the power to guide and inspire. But the reach of maps has only broadened in modern times. 

The evolution of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology adds a new dimension to the ability of maps to navigate successful pathways – particularly in the business environment. 
GIS unlocks location intelligence – the knowledge that comes from taking a geographic view of information. In this way, maps continue to unearth buried treasure, reveal well-kept secrets and make new discoveries. In the 21st Century, this equates to business breakthroughs, product innovations and bottom-line benefits.
GIS provides a fresh perspective on information and brings to life the often hidden meaning of static data to reveal new opportunities, innovative approaches, and ultimately, GIS business solutions.
Take a look at GIS in action – read about the most innovative application of the technology locally and globally.