What is location intelligence?

What is location intelligence?

Location is inherent in all organisational data. People have residences, assets have proximities, employees have worksites and parcels have both origins and destinations.

Over 80 per cent of all data contains a location component. By applying location-based analytics to visualise and explore the relationships within this data, and using the resulting discoveries to guide decision-making, you are effectively leveraging ‘location intelligence’.

Location intelligence is easily obtained with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The software maps the geographic elements contained within organisational data to expose patterns and relationships that would otherwise remain hidden in a maze of numeric tables. 

When GIS is put into action, it translates data into a universal language anyone can understand. It offers an unrivalled analytical vantage point for improving business operations – helping to better manage assets, streamline service delivery and identify growth opportunities.

Esri Australia provides leading organisations across the country with the GIS software and professional services they need to get more out of their data, using the common factor of location.

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