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GIS Course Venues

Esri Australia offers a diverse range of scheduled GIS training courses – nation-wide – covering the desktop, server, mobile and web platforms. These training courses are delivered in the state-of-the-art Cliftons computer training facilities in capital cities and regional centres, nation-wide. Students have access to the full Esri product suite during courses. Successful participants receive an industry recognised certificate.

Click on your city below for more detailed venue information.

In addition to our scheduled courses, Esri Australia offers a range of other training services:

Onsite Training:

Held at an organisation’s offices or at our training facilities, onsite training includes both standard and tailored courses.

Knowledge Transfer:

Esri Australia’s trainers are amongst the most knowledgeable in the country. Our Knowledge Transfer program enables our trainers to share their extensive experience in an intimate environment, with workshops catering for no more than two users. 

Knowledge Transfer is particularly useful for client’s moving into the production phase. Highly customised, the program ensures the handover from Esri Australia is conducted seamlessly. 

Virtual Campus Training:

This training provides access to the global network and Esri’s web courses. Virtual Campus Training includes a comprehensive online program of courses, including web-based training and free online tutorials.  

Learning and Services Credits:

Our prepaid Learning and Services Credits provide access to strategic consulting and training.
For further information or to book GIS training, contact us today