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Location Intelligence Consulting Practice

Location is inherent in all organisational data: people have residences, assets have proximities, employees have worksites and parcels have both origins and destinations. 
Over 80% of all data contains a location component. By visualising and exploring the relationships within this data; and using the resulting discoveries to guide decision-making – you are effectively leveraging ‘location intelligence’.
Location intelligence is easily attained through utilising a Geographic Information System (GIS)
Esri Australia’s Location Intelligence Consulting Practice partners with organisations operating outside the spatial industry to educate them on the value of location intelligence and GIS as a transformational business tool. We also work with existing clients, exploring enterprise-wide opportunities rather than point solutions to maximise their return on software investment.
Because the language of geography is ubiquitous, we can apply our technology and thinking to any industry or issue. Our tried and tested principles, combined with our investigative approach, uncover solutions on every assignment.
To speak with one of our consultants about how location intelligence can provide strategic insights and add value to your business, call us on 1800 447 111. 

GIS for your sector

GIS mapping during the Brisbane Flood CrisisAs the country’s leading GIS specialist, Esri Australia has uncovered opportunities and delivered value to thousands of businesses across the nation.

Saving millions of dollars

Energex GIS projectEnergex’s GIS business solution identified $500M worth of unregistered assets, returning an additional $21M in revenue annually.

A digital cemetery experience

Centennial Park Cemetery GIS projectCentennial Park Cemetery’s online graveyard enables visitors to locate information about a deceased loved one.

Powering energy distribution

West Power GIS projectWith GIS, Western Power can clearly identify issues such as overloaded grid sectors, areas that require maintenance, or future development opportunities for the network.

A benchmark for airport safety

Adelaide Airport GIS projectAdelaide Airport’s GIS business solution has taken safety standards to new heights, preventing collisions between planes and birds.

An international blueprint

Hanson and HeidelbergCement GIS projectAn international roll out of Hanson’s GIS business solution is saving global powerhouse HeidelbergCement hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nike learns who its customers are

Nike GIS projectFor Nike, GIS is useful in obvious applications like site selection and property management, but is also an important technology for the entire retail process, from planning and building to buying and shipping products

Driving Fedex profitability

FedEx uses GIS to meet delivery deadlines.