Cloud services

Reduce costs and risk with cloud services

Esri Australia’s cloud services address growing user demand to leverage smart mapping capabilities without incurring overheads for:

  • Infrastructure
  • Software
  • Data management
  • Maintenance and support

Drawing on the world-leading ArcGIS platform and leveraging the Amazon cloud, Esri Australia’s hosted services are offered by a month-by-month arrangement where we develop, host and/or manage an intelligent mapping system based on your dynamic business requirements.

What are your options?

The solutions available are broad ranging and scalable – from a simple, focused web map to an advanced enterprise-wide deployment – and can benefit work in any industry, for example:

  • Public information maps for a major event organised by a state government body
  • A visualisation tool for retail analysts to monitor shoppers’ in-store behaviour
  • An engineering firm’s core asset management system

Every Esri Australia customised solution is looked after by a team of dedicated technical experts – so you can trust your investment is in good hands, and being managed with best practice.

Introducing Amazon Auto Scaling

Esri Australia Cloud services use Amazon’s auto scaling technology, which can be predefined to scale up or down so as to maximise GIS mapping application availability.

Amazon's auto scaling automatically adjusts to unplanned demand hosted on the Amazon cloud – a competitive advantage designed to rapidly respond to demand spikes, whether it’s one user or one million users accessing the system.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from Esri Australia cloud services – contact us today on 1300 635 196.