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Sherbaz Hashmi

Esri Young Scholar Award winner 2019
Streamlining the process for reporting public issues across Australia.

Sherbaz first found his passion for spatial sciences at the Australian National University studying engineering, environment and sustainability. Fascinated by investigating how technology can solve real world problems, Sherbaz was awarded the 2019 Esri Young Scholar Award for his project - Shout Out. Shout Out looked to streamline and simplify the process for reporting public issues across Australia; such as graffiti, noise, air pollution, road damage, abandoned cars, roadkill - and has been widely commended for hosting a client-centric, intuitive and user-focused design. Sherbaz has worked with various leaders across the Australian geospatial industry to push the boundaries of innovation within GIS tools. Delving into the commercial sector, Sherbaz now works for engineering start-up - Voltec - consulting progressive Australian projects on human-centric, innovative solutions.

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