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ENVI LiDAR Data Exploitation Platform

ENVI LiDAR provides an interactive environment for extracting three-dimensional information from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) point cloud data.

Part of the Exelis VIS’ leading range of advanced imagery solutions, ENVI LiDAR provides all the tools required to quickly prepare LiDAR data, accurately extract 3D features, fine-tune and export your results to your existing tools – such as ENVI or ArcGIS – for further analysis.

With ENVI LiDAR, the important elevation information contained within LiDAR – such as viewshed and line-of-site studies, forest inventories, right-of-way analyses, and urban planning applications – can be conveniently included in your geospatial analysis projects.

You can also customise ENVI LiDAR with an Application Programming Interface (API) to meet your organisation’s needs.


Integrate with ArcGIS

ENVI LiDAR provides an easy-to-use direct link so you can view your results in ArcGIS, and enhance your geospatial analysis using your existing ArcGIS workflows.

By using elevation and feature extraction results from ENVI LiDAR in conjunction with ArcGIS, you can add more information to your geospatial products than ever before.