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ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Server

The Workflow Manager extension for ArcGIS for Server allows you to organise, centralise, and standardise project workflows.

This extension allows you to organise, centralise, and standardise GIS workflows using web services.

  • Centralise all job-related information to maintain consistency across your organisation and for convenient retrieval and update;
  • Access the capabilities of Workflow Manager through an easy-to-use Web application on the desktop or in the field (server only); and
  • Simplify creation, management, and tracking of geodatabase versions.

Why use ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Server?

The Workflow Manager extension provides access to workflow configuration and execution tools through the Workflow Manager Web services. This will allow organisations to leverage the use of Workflow Manager across all departments and improve productivity. 

With ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Server, you can: 

  • Improve user productivity by automating tasks and reducing repetitive set-up procedures; 
  • Save time by completing enterprise GIS tasks while tracking staffing and time schedules; 
  • Easily create and assign work to appropriate resources; 
  • Maintain and track feature edits long after the job has been completed; 
  • Easily manage a dispersed workforce by distributing work geographically; and
  • Seamlessly integrate your GIS and other business applications.

Licence requirements

The Workflow Manager extension requires ArcGIS for Server Advanced or Standard edition.


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