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ArcGIS for Server: Key Functionality

ArcGIS for Server provides you with a full range of GIS server capabilities that allow you to transform the maps, imagery, data, and GIS tools that you commonly use in ArcGIS for Desktop into fast, reliable Web services that you can use anywhere. You can use these services to support a wide variety of mapping applications, either on the Web or your local network.

You can choose from Basic, Standard, or Advanced editions of ArcGIS for Server.


  Functionality Basic Standard Advanced
   Geodatabase Management
   GIS Web Services Geodata Service
   Web Mapping Applications
   Mobile Applications
   Web Editing
   Advanced Geoprocessing With Extensions


Download the ArcGIS for Server 10 Functionality Matrix white paper for more details.

To see how different organisations use ArcGIS for Server GIS services, visit Live User Sites.


Authoring and Serving ArcGIS Mobile Projects (V10.1)

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