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ArcGIS for Server: In the Cloud

When you use ArcGIS for Server in the Cloud, you're using the Cloud provider's computer infrastructure instead of your own. You still get the same capabilities for managing and delivering GIS services and applications as you do when you run ArcGIS for Server on-premises.

Esri Australia offers preconfigured ArcGIS for Servers in the Cloud that are ready to use in less than 20 minutes. With ArcGIS for Server on Amazon’s Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), your pre-configured ArcGIS for Server is hosted by Amazon and managed by you. 

All you need is an ArcGIS for Server licence and an Amazon Web Sevices account to get started.  No software installation and no hardware to maintain - plus, you get full access to a range of Cloud services.  

Contact us on 1800 447 111 to find out more.