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ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server software gives you the ability to create, manage, and distribute Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, such as maps and GIS tools, over the Web to support desktop, mobile and web mapping applications.
ArcGIS for Server simplifies access to GIS services – created using ArcGIS for Desktop - for GIS professionals, mobile workers, and those with little or no GIS experience. With ArcGIS for Server, you stay in control of your content through the centralised management of spatial data, including imagery.
ArcGIS for Server provides you with a scalable GIS server platform that can be deployed on a single machine to support small workgroups, or distributed across multiple servers to support enterprise applications. You can also deploy ArcGIS for Server on Cloud infrastructure.
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ArcGIS for Server key functionality

A detailed diagram of the ArcGIS for server functionality at all licence levels.

ArcGIS for Server extensions

ArcGIS for server extensions offer additional capabilities to enhance your GIS system.