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ArcGIS Tracking Analyst

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extends the time-aware capabilities of the ArcGIS system with advanced functions to let you view, analyse, and understand spatial patterns and trends in the context of time. 

By providing tools for time-dependent symbolisation and time-based analysis, ArcGIS Tracking Analyst automates and enables the tracking and discovery of time-based patterns and trends.


With ArcGIS Tracking Analyst, you can:

  • Create geofences to detect when people, assets, or vehicles go outside an allowable area or enter a restricted area;
  • Be notified of important events and report on patterns related to time and space, based on rules you define;
  • Monitor your mobile resources and visualise patterns in their movement; and
  • Identify trends over time and make better decisions with advanced time-based symbols and analysis tools.


When combined with ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server, ArcGIS Tracking Analyst can be used to create a real-time GIS tracking system to support:

  • Fleet management and vehicle tracking;
  • Sensor network monitoring;
  • Emergency response; and,
  • Resource management.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst is also available for ArcGIS Engine.