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ArcGIS for Desktop: Licence Options

Determine which ArcGIS for Desktop licence level is right for you

ArcGIS for Desktop is available in three licence levels — Basic, Standard, and Advanced (formerly ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo, respectively). These GIS licence levels share the same core applications, user interface, and development environment. Each licence level provides additional GIS functionality as you move from Basic to Standard to Advanced.

  • Basic - Provides data visualisation, query, analysis, and integration capabilities along with the ability to create and edit simple geographic features.
  • Standard - Includes all the functionality of Basic and adds a comprehensive set of tools to create, edit, and ensure the quality of your data.
  • Advanced - Includes all the functionality of Standard and adds advanced spatial analysis, data manipulation, and high-end cartography tools.

Optional ArcGIS for Desktop extensions offer specialised tools and additional capabilities to enhance your system.

To find out which ArcGIS for Desktop licence level is right for you, contact Esri Australia on 1800 447 111.

Benefit from Enterprise License Agreements

Enterprise License Agreements are a cost-effective way for you to efficiently manage and deliver GIS business value throughout your entire organisation for a fixed annual fee.

ArcGIS for Home Use

For personal, non-commercial use, individuals can take advantage of the ArcGIS for Home Use program, giving you access to ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and most of the desktop extensions.

System requirements

ArcGIS for Desktop has been certified for Windows operating systems and requires Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed. 

Looking to install ArcGIS on an Apple Computer?  If you have an Apple computer running Windows, you can install ArcGIS for Desktop using VMWare, BootCamp, or Parallels. 

Please note that ArcGIS for Desktop is not certified or supported on the Mac operating system.