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Esri Roads and Highways

Esri Roads and Highways enables transportation agencies responsible for road and highway maintenance and operations to extend the capabilities of ArcGIS.

With the Esri Roads and Highways extension you can seamlessly integrate roadway data from multiple linear referencing system (LRS) networks to get a comprehensive view of your roadway network for better planning, management, and maintenance.

Esri Roads and Highways leverages the capabilities of a geodatabase to provide advanced LRS data management. The extension unifies your existing systems and provides advanced GIS tools and capabilities to simplify operations, without having to add a new system to your technology mix.

With Esri Roads and Highways, you can:

  • Easily manage, visualise, and analyse transportation networks and associated data to get a clear, complete picture for better planning, management, and maintenance.
  • Intelligently manage the location and position of all your business-critical roadway asset data and information.
  • Use a workflow-driven process to improve the quality and simplify the management and maintenance of your roadway geometry and associated asset data.
  • Integrate with existing roadway data and information stored in disparate data systems throughout your organisation.

Esri Roads and Highways includes desktop and server capabilities allowing you to accommodate a wide variety of user types and needs across your transportation agency.

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