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Esri Production Mapping Key Features

Esri Production Mapping comprises three main components used for data loading, data editing, quality control, data maintenance, and cartographic production. 

Data production tools

  • Batch load data into a geodatabase in a repeatable way via the data load automation tools. These tools use a cross-reference database to direct how the source data is loaded into the data schema for your current project.
  • Maximise usability and utility for your data production environment with additional templates and new construction tools. Utilise a variety of single-click editing tools and on-the-fly feature validation to enhance productivity and data quality.
  • Standardise cartographic production with tools to batch create, print, and export cartographic products. Elements such as text, tables, and legends can be dynamically updated and placed based on the data in the map.

Data management tools

  • Use a complete QA/QC system with tools for automated and visual review processes to assess, document, correct, and verify the overall quality of spatial data.
  • Store GIS data and map information in the Product Library with the ability to check out files and check in the changes, search for files, manage versions, and set permissions.
  • Customise the extension to meet your specific requirements by implementing your organisation's specifications and business logic. Users can customise data validation rules, feature symbology, data representations, and batch jobs.

Workflow management tools

  • Streamline your production workflow with tools for allocating resources and tracking the status and progress of jobs. A history of job actions is automatically recorded for each job to give managers a detailed account of how the job was completed.
  • Conduct micro-level workflow management using the Task Assistant Manager (TAM) to configure and distribute workflows that guide users through defined processes within ArcMap. The steps in a TAM workflow can be used to execute ArcMap commands or geoprocessing tools and set layer properties such as visibility and snapping.

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