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ArcGIS Data Reviewer Key Features

ArcGIS Data Reviewer saves time and organisational resources by allowing you to:

Coordinate the data review effort

  • Track the history of an anomaly through submission, correction, and verification, and easily share the information across the enterprise.
  • Standardise geometric and attribute validation through the checks included within ArcGIS Data Reviewer

Simplify the data quality control process using automated checks

  • Take advantage of more than 40 out-of-the-box automated checks to validate your spatial data. 
  • Apply checks to an entire feature class or database, to features within the current extent, on a selected set of features, or on modified features only. 
  • Save groups of checks as a batch job and run it against the data multiple times. Distribute batch jobs across the enterprise to allow users in different locations to utilise a consistent automated review process when validating their data.

Improve visual data review

  • Use the Notepad Sketch tools to digitise missing features directly into a map.
  • Use the Flag Missing Feature tool to simply indicate the location of a missing feature according to the feature class and subtype to which it belongs.

Log review results easily and accurately

  • Provide a simplified framework across the enterprise for anomaly correction by using the Reviewer table to record the results of your review process.
  • Store information on feature class name and subtype, a description of the anomaly, and correction and verification information, and simply click the record in the Reviewer table to display and zoom to the feature in question.
  • Store anomaly information in a geodatabase (file, personal, or Spatial Database Engine [SDE]), which can be either the production geodatabase or a separate geodatabase.

Schedule data checks using the reviewer service

  • Schedule batch jobs to run once at a specific date and time or to run repeatedly at set intervals using the Reviewer Service (a Windows service), then write the results to the Reviewer table.

Generate random samples for quality control

  • Simplify the quality control of large datasets by generating a statistical sample of features using the Sampling Check. Results are written to the Reviewer table for your review.

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