Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace

Manager, Business Development (QLD, NT & PNG)
– Esri Australia, Brisbane

An authority in the Australian public safety sector, Mark is passionate about helping government bodies and private agencies leverage an interoperable, collaborative approach to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

With over 25 years’ industry experience, Mark has worked at both local and state government levels, specialising in emergency management and GIS. As Queensland Fire and Rescue Service GIS Manager, Mark helped his team win the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) Industry Award – recognised for their efforts during the 2011 Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi.

Mark applies his skill and knowledge to help organisations find solutions that leverage data effectively to drive smarter decision-making and achieve more effective outcomes.

Event QLD Local Government Transformation Series

QLD Local Government Transformation Series

Digital transformation processes are often faced with resistance, but as citizen expectations continue to grow, local governments need to embrace technologies to better serve their communities and deliver efficiency gains.

Presentation GIS paving the way to safer communities

GIS paving the way to safer communities

Esri Australia’s Mark Wallace shares how new GIS technologies are revolutionising emergency management strategies.

Video Reducing loss of life and property with GIS

Reducing loss of life and property with GIS

Laticia Gibson reports with the ACT Emergency Services Agency on their innovative, technology-focussed approach to community protection. 


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