Jack Dangermond

Jack Dangermond

Founder and President
– Esri, US

A geographer with deep roots in landscape architecture, Jack productised GIS technology after a decade of research and development as a regional planning consultant in his hometown of Redlands, California.

Today, Esri – the company he founded and continues to lead – dominates the GIS industry, and is the fourth largest privately held software company in the world.

More than one-million people – working in over 400,000 organisations throughout the commercial, government and community sectors – use the technology.

Jack is recognised not only as a pioneer in spatial analysis methods, but also as one of the most influential individuals across the geospatial landscape. He actively manages Esri and is closely connected to its projects, clients and company vision. He takes a leadership role in national and global initiatives to facilitate standards for data access and sharing across agencies and organisations, and is personally committed to applying GIS methods for environmental stewardship and sustainable communities.

The recipient of numerous fellowships, honorary degrees and awards, Jack has authored hundreds of papers on GIS in such diverse fields as photogrammetry, computer science, planning, environmental science and cartography.

His current work is focused on helping organisations work smarter, more efficiently and effectively using a Web GIS pattern, and continuing to shape ArcGIS technology as a platform for implementing smart cities, smart utilities, smart government and smart organisations.

News A 48-year journey

A 48-year journey

Since its establishment in 1969, Esri has aimed to make a difference with digital geography – helping 350,000 international users to make a difference across various industries. 

Event An afternoon with Jack

An afternoon with Jack

Against one of Australia's most iconic backdrops, the Sydney Opera House, Jack provided Australian audiences with a rare insight into the vision driving his Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and shared his advice for getting the most from Esri’s world-leading ArcGIS platform.

Blog Get to know Esri’s Jack Dangermond

Get to know Esri’s Jack Dangermond

No one would describe Jack Dangermond as a household name. Yet this unassuming tech giant has pioneered a ubiquitous technology that underpins many of the world’s latest business innovations.

News Esri founders' donation preserves coastal habitat

Esri founders' donation preserves coastal habitat

Jack and Laura Dangermond’s record private donation to The Nature Conservancy has permanently protected nearly 25,000 acres of ecologically and historically important coastal habitat.

News Esri cited in Gartner LI software report

Esri cited in Gartner LI software report

Leading global geospatial platform provider Esri has been mentioned in Gartner's May 2017 Forecast Snapshot: Location Intelligence Software, Worldwide, 2017 report.

News Esri earns top ranking in latest Forrester research report

Esri earns top ranking in latest Forrester research report

In a new report by influential research and advisory firm Forrester, Esri has been recognised for setting a global standard in GIS technology, with consistent and constant innovation.

Presentation Building smart, connected communities

Building smart, connected communities

Packed with exquisite maps and real-case examples of how smart GIS is being used across business and enterprise, see for yourself Jack Dangermond’s Australian presentation.

Presentation Smart government relies on shared knowledge

Smart government relies on shared knowledge

Esri founder Jack Dangermond and Martin O’Malley discuss how GIS technology research and development has created an unprecedented platform for governments to focus on data-driven leadership.