Land administration

The top tools for modernising your land administration system

Modernise and streamline your land administration system with advanced spatial and location-based analytics technology, and ensure the integrity of your land and cadastral records while enabling easy access to your authoritative data from any device.

By bringing together all of your spatial data onto a single infrastructure, the world-leading ArcGIS platform effectively consolidates your land administration functions while seamlessly integrating with your field operations.

With the capability to securely connect disparate systems, it also guarantees the reliability of your survey data.

Improve your ability to respond to customer queries with a suite of standardised tools that help you manage, maintain and publish your data – ensuring you can easily provide stakeholders the records they need to make informed decisions.

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Queensland floods
Case study

Turning $100M worth of project costs into $99M of savings

Using location-based analytics technology to develop Queensland flood maps enabled the Department of Natural Resources and Mines to keep an estimated $100M project under one million dollars.

King County, Washington, USA

Techniques to efficiently service millions of people

See how the assessment department looking after the most populous county in Washington transformed their land parcel appraisal process by empowering their field workers with mobile GIS solutions.

Cattle farm
Case study

The analytics portal moving Queensland stock forward

An online stock route management system introduced by the Queensland Government is helping rural councils better manage and maintain their stock routes, while speeding up permit application assessments for graziers.