Esri Australia's Managed Service provides a well-architected cloud-hosted enterprise GIS with ongoing management and optimisation, led by Australia-based experts.

A managed service frees your organisation from the complexities of niche system management and maintenance, enabling your business to concentrate on harnessing the true power of spatial data for informed decisions.


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Access local ArcGIS and cloud experts

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Reduce risk with an ISO 27001-certified vendor


Remove operational complexity

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Predict your expenses with regular billing cycles

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Secure your onshore data


Improve reliability and performance

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Reduce the cost of managing complex solutions

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Reduce time to value

Service inclusions and features

Esri Australia's Managed Service offering goes beyond access to cloud and security technologies. Free your staff's administrative burden to focus on your organisation's core competencies with in-built scalability, minimised risk, and the following:

  • Flexibility and agility
  • Cost savings and predictability
  • Compliance and regulatory expertise: (ISO 27001)
  • Access to cutting-edge technology: Automation, Kubernetes, AI-assisted incident resolution
  • Extendable support times and monitoring

Get started with Managed Services


Access local experts in ITIL 4 aligned service desk to optimise your enterprise functionality, service request management, and incident and problem management.

Get IT support


Access free e-learning resources as part of the Managed Service offering. If you're interested in instructor-led training, we recommend the following courses, which can be added to your package:

Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS​
ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows​
Sharing Content to ArcGIS Enterprise​

Explore other training


With Managed Services, you can add custom applications and get support for your deployment.

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Ready to learn more about Managed Services? Contact us to explore your options.

Compare deployment patterns

  You Host, We Manage We Host, We Manage
Service configuration, tuning, and health checks
Server configuration and management
Application configuration, security, and patching
Stopping/starting of services 
Site mode management 
Certificate and application for renewed licences
User management (roles, privileges, licence allocation)
Group management (creation, retirement, settings)
Portal website configuration (admin settings, gallery groups etc.)
Item admin (reassign ownership, sharing, general settings)
Geodatabase administration and management
Custom application management
Monthly reporting and performance meetings
Dedicated service delivery manager
Annual account governance meeting
Service Desk support (extended hours)
Incident and problem management
Monitoring and event management
Service and validation testing
Release and deployment management
Data sovereignty     
Hosted exclusively in Australia   
Hosting and managing of cloud infrastructure  
Capacity and performance management  
Provisioning/Decommissioning virtual machines and other resources  
Operating system, and database licensing, and patching  
Disaster Recovery  
Network configuration  
Logging, auditing, and monitoring  
Storage Management  

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