Local Government Access ProgramA configured enterprise GIS platform designed specifically for local government.

The Local Government Access Program provides easy access to an enterprise GIS platform with configured processes and workflows tailored to local government needs, supported by Esri Australia's industry expertise.

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The Local Government Access Program includes:

  • Local Government Access Viewer with local government-specific workflows
  • Access to the Esri platform
  • A choice of SaaS, hosted or self-managed deployments
  • A suite of ready-to-use apps as well as tools to build your own
  • Training, knowledge-transfer and consulting
  • Technical support throughout the implementation and configuration phases
  • Access to Esri partner software (SmarterWX and Isolink) and data sources

What’s the best Local Government Access Program for your council?

There are a number of variables to take into consideration when looking for an enterprise solution, including budgets and resources. 

Answer these five questions to identify the best Local Government Access Program deployment for your local government.

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I’m a large-scale council with ample technical resources and staff
I’m required to manage my technology spending as Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), not Operational Expenditure (OPEX)
I’m planning to integrate 3rd party data and add platform extensions over time
I’m looking for Esri Australia to manage my platform
I run complex workflows that typically drive extensive technology integration

The best solution for you might be...

  • SaaS
  • SaaS or…
  • Self-managed
  • Managed by us
The responses indicate that a self-managed SaaS solution would best fit your needs — although some upfront scoping of your requirements would still be recommended.

You may require minimum levels of system or data integration and most likely, a small amount of training will get you up and running quickly.

Tell us more about your requirements and we’ll explain how we can help to achieve your goals.
You could choose between a self-managed or Esri Australia-managed platform on the cloud or on your own infrastructure.

Given that you’re eligible for more than one solution, we recommend moderate levels of upfront scoping to better identify the best one for you.

You should also anticipate moderate levels of system and data integration, and team training.

To better understand the requirements and each of the solutions available, we recommend that you get in touch with one of our specialists.
It seems like you require a self-managed system hosted on your own infrastructure or cloud.

We recommend a thorough scoping of your requirements and anticipate that there will be a need for team training and system and data integration.

To kickstart your local government’s transformation, we recommend that you get in touch with one of our specialists who will further explain the solutions available to you and outline the next steps.
It appears that you are looking for an Esri Australia-managed system, hosted either on your own infrastructure or on Esri Australia infrastructure.

We suggest thorough scoping of your requirements, and suggest you make allowances for system customisation, data integration and team training.

Our specialists can discuss further details of this solution and answer any questions you may have regarding the Local Government Access Program deployment options that would best serve your goals.

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Scale up and down seamlessly to meet peak periods of demand.

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Manage permissions and to control access to data by defining user roles.

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Choose and pay for a solution tailored to meet your council’s requirements.

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Access technical support, maintenance and training services tailored to your needs.

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Leverage Esri Australia’s vast partner network including Isovist and SmarterWX.

Choose a solution that’s best for you

Software-as-a-Service iconSoftware-as-a-Service
Enterprise deployment iconEnterprise deployment


Has your local government adopted a cloud-first policy? Or perhaps it has already moved servers to a cloud-based infrastructure.

In either case, Software-as-a-Service gives you access to a secure, scalable solution hosted by Esri that gets you up and running quickly with minimal hardware provisions.

Enterprise deployment

The Local Government Access Program provides two types of enterprise deployments of ArcGIS Enterprise — either using client resources or a managed solution hosted by Esri Australia.

To minimise costs associated with server hardware, software and maintenance, a managed solution would be ideal — allowing quicker deployment and guaranteed support services.

On the other hand, if your local government already has the resources in place, a deployment on your infrastructure or cloud would also be possible.

A scalable and easy-to-deploy solution for local governments

The custom-built Local Government Access Viewer provides an easy-to-use interface that fulfils the requirements of local governments with predefined workflows for immediate deployment.

Email an Esri Australia product expert or call 1800 870 750 to find out how the Local Government Access Program can support your council.