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GIS for Media

Maps have been the catalyst to some of the greatest stories in history: grand voyages, daring adventures, treasure hunts. They have always had the power to guide and inspire. But the reach of maps has only broadened in modern times. 
The evolution of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has added a new dimension to the role of maps in story telling – particularly in the newsroom. 
Journalists and editors use GIS technology in a number of ways:
  • Creating valuable graphic images that help tell compelling stories
  • Researching in-depth information for articles
  • Managing distribution networks, targeted advertising campaigns, and customer analytics.
From showing the predictive path of rising flood waters to voter sentiment during an election, Esri Australia’s GIS technology can bring a surprising new perspective to any news story. 
Discover how to tell your story with maps – call us today on 1800 447 111.