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Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services provide fast, powerful and reliable mapping and spatial analytics capabilities hosted and managed in Australia. To determine if a Cloud GIS solution is right for your organisation, get in touch with our Cloud consultants today.

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How can a GIS Cloud service benefit you?

GIS Cloud services support your evolving business needs, providing a reliable spatial analytics solution built from powerful mapping technology.


Hosted in Australia, managed and supported by Esri Australia


Upscale or downscale rapidly to meet variable demand


Utilise expert management and proven technology


Pay only for a scope and scale that suits your business


Capture and collect data from multiple locations and users

What is the Esri Australia Cloud Service?

Our model offers an alternative to traditional on-premises server architecture, customised to complement your business needs.

What you get:

Cloud service hosted and managed in Australia
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Secure, scalable and reliable operation
Cost effective fit-for-purpose solution

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The GIS Cloud service lets us adapt solutions and respond to requests quickly.

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Answers to frequently asked Cloud questions

Not sure which GIS Cloud service is right for your business? Find out more here, including information on security, privacy, reliability and integration capabilities.

  • Does Esri Australia host the data in Australia?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud service is hosted on secure servers located in Australia.

  • How is the privacy of data maintained?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services are supported by world-class security protocols and have passed third-party penetration tests from some of Australia’s leading government and commercial enterprises. This protects your data from eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery.

    Additional levels of security are available depending on the scope of data privacy required. 

  • How secure is the Cloud?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services apply a range of state-of-the-art physical and network protections to ensure server security. Server location is protected with access strictly controlled using video surveillance, intrusion detection and other electronic monitoring.

    Authorised staff must pass a two-factor authentication process at a minimum of two control points to access data centre floors.

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services have passed third-party penetration tests from some of Australia’s leading government and commercial enterprises.

  • How effective is a Cloud service without a reliable or fast internet service?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services require an internet connection.

    If you need an enterprise solution rather than a public-facing solution, and internet connectivity or reliable internet service is a significant issue, other Esri Australia solutions may be suitable. One example is a hybrid solution that combines on-premises hosting of ArcGIS augmented by Cloud services, accommodating peaks in demand or field operations.

    If adequate internet service is a serious issue at your location, Esri Australia offers a solution that publishes client maps to distributed constituents or stakeholders.  Once the data is loaded into the hosted environment, internet connectivity is only required to update published maps.

  • Can you guarantee continuous access to data? What happens during internet outages?

    Any disruption to your internet service will interrupt access to Cloud services. If internet connectivity is a significant issue, Esri Australia can provide a solution that combines Cloud hosting with onsite hosting to ensure backup if internet service is interrupted.

    Esri Australia also offers disconnected editing from remote devices to enable offline processing.

  • How does a Cloud-based service access our internal data sources securely?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services connect securely with your internal systems using encrypted VPN protocols.

    Esri Australia’s Cloud services team can liaise with your security team to design a solution that complements your internal security systems, firewalls and other IT requirements.

    For all client solutions, Esri Australia will provide an encrypted tunnel between servers and your home data centre.

  • Can Esri Australia's hosted solution integrate with our existing systems?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services integrate with a broad range of technology platforms and corporate systems. The services can be configured to appear as part of your local network.

  • We want to be able to add in-house functionality. How could we customise a Cloud-based service?

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services is dedicated to your solution and can be customised to meet your specific needs and functionality.

  • What about networking access from remote data centres?

    Esri Australia ensures that access to Cloud services will be maintained as much as is technologically possible, no matter where your team needs to work.

    If internet connectivity is a significant issue, Esri Australia can provide a solution that combines Cloud hosting with onsite hosting to ensure backup if internet service is interrupted.

  • If we integrate a Cloud-based system with our current on-premises systems and then move all our systems to the Cloud later, will there be additional costs?

    Choosing the correct timing to move to a Cloud services solution depends on several variables.

    Esri Australia will work with you to determine the best approach and timing for a move to the Cloud, assessing your goals and formulating an ArcGIS Cloud solution and overall IT strategy. 

  • For small to medium organisations where cost is a significant concern, what additional value can a Cloud-based system offer to justify the expenditure?

    One of the key benefits of Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services is the ability to cost-effectively access the scalability of a Cloud solution without the expense of having to monitor and maintain it.

    Cloud services deliver broad access to the ArcGIS platform while Esri Australia’s team of experts ensure the platform remains up-to-date, runs smoothly and meets the ongoing needs of your organisation.

    Cloud services also provide the ability to seamlessly upscale or downscale the service based on user demand – difficult to achieve with an on-site solution. Such flexibility can be valuable to organisations like local councils that experience sudden peaks in demand during events such as natural disasters.

    Esri Australia GIS Cloud services are available on a month-to-month subscription, ensuring costs are spread over time. This offers significant savings on upfront capital costs of purchasing hardware and ongoing costs of in-house maintenance and support resources.

  • How much value does a Cloud-based service deliver in addition to our current system?

    There are several areas where Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services offer additional value over your current approach:

    Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services:

    • Provide a highly flexible delivery platform for ArcGIS, able to automatically upscale to meet peaks in demand.
    • Are backed by full support from the Esri Australia team, ensuring optimum performance.
    • Can deliver significant security improvements.
    • Are ideal for supporting field operations, with tablets and mobile devices able to link directly to the Cloud platform.
  • Our system already works; why would I pay more money to change a system that is working fine?

    There are several reasons why you may consider moving to a Cloud services solution:

    • Your existing on-site servers may not be able to meet future demand, especially during peak times.
    • You need to quickly and easily access new environments or scale solutions up and down to meet varying levels of demand.
    • You need to monitor and share information with a large and/or dispersed team of field staff.
    • You need to allow external users to access the system without giving them access to other corporate systems.
    • Your current in-house technical support team does not have the expertise to update the software and manage the growing GIS needs of your organisation.
    • Procurement of Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services may be a simpler, quicker and more cost-effective process than procuring physical on-site servers and the resources to support them.
  • How does the cost of Esri Australia's Cloud services solution compare to its competitors?

    When Esri Australia provides a quote for GIS Cloud services, we include all costs associated with providing the solution, including third party software licenses, server costs, patching, automated monitoring and system management, back-up and restoration services and support.

    Many providers do not provide quotes that include all relevant costs. When comparing GIS Cloud services it’s important to understand what is included in each quote and what is not. In comparison, Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services solution is highly competitive.

  • How can our organisation manage the system if it is hosted externally?

    You have the same level of control over your ArcGIS systems with Esri Australia’s GIS Cloud services as you do with an on-site system.

    Data can still be created, tables can still be modified, and customisations can still be introduced. Our Cloud-based service does not impact your ability to manage the system.

  • We are a 24-hour business. How quickly will you be able to respond to any potential issues?

    The Esri Australia team is available during business hours or an extended 7am to 7pm. Esri offers high availability configuration options utilising automated failover to redundant sites ensuring high system availability.

    Additional after hours on-call support can be arranged for special events or natural disasters.

    Esri Australia has a reputation for going above and beyond in terms of support and issue response to ensure maximum capacity and minimal downtime.

    We can tailor your support requirements to ensure a structure that meets your organisational needs while remaining cost-effective.

  • How easy is it for our team to make changes and customise the system while it is hosted?

    Customisation is as easy with Esri Australia GIS Cloud services as it is with an on-site solution.

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