Enlightening research insights from 2020 Esri Young Scholars Award winner

Natural disasters are a part of life in Australia – whether its cyclones, bushfires, droughts, or floods. But what impact does the stress of experiencing a natural disaster have on maternal health?

Join us to hear from one of the nation’s brightest up-and-coming GIS talents – 2020 Esri Young Scholars Award winner, Cynthia Parayiwa – as she shares her emerging research into the role geography plays in perinatal health and the impact of natural disaster.


  • Applying a geospatial approach to measuring the effects of living in disaster-prone areas on health.
  • Discover insights from an Australian case study that used ArcGIS to measure perinatal outcomes for pregnant women living in cyclone-affected regions.
  • Hear from 2020 Esri Young Scholars Award Winner.

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