ENVI - the world’s most advanced imagery solution

The ENVI software platform delivers data visualisation and analysis capabilities unattainable through any other technology, allowing you to:

  • Directly access intuitive imagery analysis and processing tools
  • Quickly visualise and analyse any source of remotely sensed data – including LiDAR, radar, optical, thermal and 3D
  • Completely automate geospatial imagery workflows using the ArcGIS platform and other GIS technology
  • Easily extract meaningful information from imagery – regardless of your technical ability with remote sensing technologies

From detecting how an area has changed over a period of time to finding and identifying features of interest in a large-scale scene – ENVI can generate a comprehensive real-world view of a situation in an instant.

The technology seamlessly integrates with ArcGIS, and can also be strengthened with complementary Harris solutions, including:

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