Joining the Disaster Response Program

To support organisations during crises such as the global coronavirus pandemic, Esri is offering GIS technology and expertise to support response and relief efforts.

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Disaster Response Program licences: Getting started

To help you get started with the Disaster Response Program, we've collated several resources that you may find useful. 
Firstly, review the Frequently Asked Questions below which step you through how to access the Disaster Response Program.

Once your Disaster Response Program licences are approved, review how to:

  1. Understand your Disaster Response Program entitlements
  2. Access your My Esri account
  3. Activate your ArcGIS Online account
  4. License your ArcGIS products
  5. Set up your ArcGIS platform
  6. View COVID-19 resources and other troubleshooting tips

Finally, we have also recorded a series of audio tutorials to step you through key parts of the set-up processes.

Frequently asked questions

The Esri Disaster Response Program

  • What is the Esri Disaster Response Program (DRP) and what does it include?

    Esri’s Disaster Response Program (DRP) assists with disasters worldwide and supports response and relief efforts with GIS technology and expertise when your capacity is exceeded. To help public health agencies and other organisations jump-start their response to COVID-19, Esri is providing:

    1. Complimentary six-month subscription of ArcGIS Online with ArcGIS Hub Basic
    2. ArcGIS Hub Coronavirus Response template
    3. Data and imagery
    4. Technical support
    5. Additional software and licences
  • How do I access the Esri Disaster Response Program (DRP) and am I eligible?

    If your organisation's GIS capacity is exceeded, and you need emergency support you can request access to the Disaster Response Program.

  • How are the software and licences delivered for the DRP?

    Once your DRP request is approved, you will receive an email notification of the approval, alongside details of the requested licences. The DRP licences and access are delivered via 2 emails, each containing a unique activation token for both My Esri and ArcGIS Online.

  • I am a new user - how do I activate my access to the DRP?

    The DRP is delivered via 2 emails. Start by activating your My Esri account by linking it to your customer number in order to download the software. Instructions will be provided directly to you via email. After you have activated access to your My Esri account we recommend activating your ArcGIS Online subscription. If you require additional information and guidelines, please refer to the FAQs below.

Access your My Esri account

  • What is My Esri?

    My Esri is a platform to access software downloads. In the two emails received, one email contains a token that allows for you to create and activate a My Esri account. By creating a My Esri account you will be able to access software downloads for ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop), ArcGIS Pro and the single use license code for ArcMap. Learn more about MyEsri.

  • How do I access My Esri?

    Open the email that contains the My Esri activation link and at the Sign-in page choose to create a Public Account (which will become a full account once the activation is complete), or if you have an existing account sign in using your details.

  • How do I access my software within My Esri?

    To access software in My Esri, the next steps are to download the ArcGIS Desktop software, install and then authorise Desktop using your license code. Please review the ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 quick start guide and the ArcGIS Pro Quick start guide to check the system requirements before starting the installation.

Activate your ArcGIS Online account

  • What is ArcGIS Online?

    ArcGIS Online is a web-based version of the ArcGIS program. In one of the emails you will receive, you will find an activation link to access ArcGIS Online. Help and related FAQs can be accessed here. This account will need to be activated in order to access all the available downloads and the associated license.

  • Why do I need an ArcGIS Online account?

    ArcGIS Pro uses a different license model to ArcMap – the license for ArcGIS Pro sits as a named user license within the ArcGIS Online subscription and it must be activated, to allow you to use the ArcGIS Pro license.

  • How to activate my ArcGIS Online Account?

    To activate your ArcGIS Online subscription, you will need to click on the ArcGIS Online activation link provided when you received your order. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to enter an existing username and password or to create an account. For more details on activating your ArcGIS Online subscription click here.


    Pro Login

License your ArcGIS products

  • How to access ArcGIS Online and assign ArcGIS Pro licenses?

    ArcGIS Pro uses a license type called Named User. The credentials will be the same username and password used to activate your ArcGIS Online account.

  • How do I start the software download of ArcGIS Desktop?

    Click My Organizations > Downloads and click on the ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 View Downloads button. Download the ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro installation files. You can install both apps on the same machine at the same time.

    Once the installation has downloaded to your machine, choose to run the installation. Full admin rights are required.


  • How do I access my licenses within ArcGIS Desktop?

    Once you have signed in, navigate to My Organizations > Licensing > View Authorizations and your products will be updated to display your license as the ArcGIS for Personal Use (Previously listed as the Desktop Advanced core license and extensions).



    Note: Although you have ArcGIS Desktop Advanced and multiple extensions, only one license code will display. The license code that you have will automatically license ArcGIS Desktop Advanced and extensions. If you wish to access your account in the future just navigate to My Esri and log in with your Esri username and password that you have created.

  • How do I access ArcGIS Desktop within computer programs?

    Once you have authorised your software click on the ArcMap and/or ArcGIS Pro icon found via Start Menu > All Programs > ArcGIS folder. You can also find both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro via the Search Menu. Right click on the correct icon and choose to pin the icon to your start menu or task bar or create a short cut to your Desktop.

  • How do I authorise ArcGIS Pro?

    ArcGIS Pro licenses are managed through your ArcGIS Online subscription. After activating the ArcGIS Online subscription, you will need to allocate your ArcGIS Pro license to your user name.

  • How do I assign my ArcGIS Pro license?

    Step 1:
    Once you are successfully logged into ArcGIS Online, click on the Organization option > Licenses and click on the Assign option to allocate the ArcGIS Pro licenses.For further details on allocating your ArcGIS Pro licenses please click here.


    Step 2:
    Activate the license.
    As indicated previously, licenses for ArcGIS Pro are managed through ArcGIS Online. Before you can use ArcGIS Pro, you need to assign a software license level and, optionally, any additional extensions. This is a once off assignment of licenses. Once licenses are assigned to a user, they will only need to sign into ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS Pro to access the software.



Set up your ArcGIS Platform

COVID-19 Additional Resources

  • I've installed my software - where can I get resources to help me get started?

    The following articles contain helpful information and guidance to get you started:

    • Responding to COVID-19 – Inform your GIS department’s COVID-19 response by asking the right questions and identifying gold-standard data sources.
    • The Esri Australia COVID-19 GIS Hub site – The Australian Hub site consolidates key coronavirus related apps, data, and resources. Use the Hub to view the outbreak and global reporting by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other authoritative bodies.
    • Esri Australia COVID-19 Map – The Esri Australia COVID-19 Map features data compiled by Guardian Australia, which is sourced from state and territory government websites and media reports. As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, track comprehensive data that updates each hour.
    • The Esri COVID-19 GIS Hub site – The Hub site consolidates key coronavirus related apps, data, and resources. Use the Hub to view the outbreak and global reporting by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other authoritative bodies.
    • The Esri COVID-19 Hub template – Create your own localised dashboard quickly and easily with Esri’s Coronavirus Response Hub template.
    • Explore COVID-19 data on vulnerable populations – Start identifying at-risk populations by exploring the ArcGIS demo.
    • Authoritative data for Australia – You can explore, visualise and download authoritative data for Australia and other locations related to the pandemic.
    • ArcGIS Desktop COVID-19 solution template – If you have an ArcGIS Pro licence, use the COVID-19 solution template to launch a series of configurable maps and apps to support your pandemic response.
  • I'm part of an educational institution - where can I find resources for schools?
    • If your institution is under an Education Institution Agreement (former Site Licence), you should have enough licences of ArcGIS Online for the entire campus and have access to ArcGIS Hub as part of ArcGIS Online.

      These licences can be used to support your efforts on campus and virtually. Esri has created a dedicated COVID-19 Educator Support GeoNet page with additional information, to support institutions who need additional software/users, teaching resources, or advice on teaching online. The “Featured Content” section highlights the most important items, and the “COVID-19 Educator Support Resources” contains a stream of resources that updates frequently. We specifically recommend you read this blog post for more information.

    • If your institution requires additional licences and users, contact us to find out if you’re eligible for the Large Academic Department Agreement, which provides 100 additional ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap licences through 31/08/2020.

Audio tutorials

Additional resources

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