The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Esri and the United Nations are teaming up to solve global challenges — including poverty, hunger, inequality, and climate change — through GIS and storytelling, and we need your help to create a story that can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness.

This year’s StoryMaps Competition is looking for creative submissions that address one or more of the SDGs to raise awareness and drive positive change towards achieving them.

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Who can participate?

The ArcGIS StoryMaps competition is open to participants from two tracks:

  • Track 1: Students enrolled in or accepted to a two or four-year institution of higher education.

  • Track 2: Professionals or anyone with an ArcGIS user account, including students at any school grade level.

Each participant may submit a single story to only one track. A participant can be defined as an individual (or) a group of individuals submitting one story together.

Competition entries must be submitted using the entry form by 5:00pm (PDT), November 25, 2020.

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Are you a teacher or educator?

The StoryMaps competition presents an opportunity for schoolteachers and educators to investigate contemporary real-world problems with their students. There are a variety of SDGs that connect to the Australian curriculum for junior geography:

Australian curriculum unit Sustainable Development Goal
Year 10 Geography: Environmental change and management
  • Poor air quality locations
  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Global temperature change
  • Bleaching of coral reef areas
  • Installed renewable energy capacity
  • Deforestation
Year 10 Geography: Geographies of human wellbeing
  • Population living in extreme poverty
  • COVID-19 global cases
  • GOVID-19 fiscal response
  • Global wealth
  • Population without electricity
Year 9 Geography: Biomes and food security
  • Food-insecure population

For detailed information on key dates, prizes, requirements, judging criteria and terms and conditions, visit the competition page or get in touch with an Esri Australia education consultant.

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