Behavioural analytics

Improve customer experience and drive more sales

Behavioural analytics provides insights into the relationships, trends and patterns that exist within the micro-geographies around us – such as retail stores, hospitals and sporting arenas.

The technology delivers actionable information, allowing you to optimise your venue based on how people interact with your physical space and signage, and answers questions like:

  • How did a customer move between my merchandise zones?
  • What is the foot traffic past my point-of-sale?
  • Did visitors find this display a barrier to moving through my premises?

Esri Australia’s behavioural analytics provides key metrics such as:

  • Draw rates: Learn how many customers walked past your premises versus how many entered
  • Dwell times: Find out how long visitors stay in your building, and in which area
  • Visitor patterns: Understand peak periods and visitor movements, and maximise your space for improved experience and profits
  • Conversion rate: Understand the impact of window displays and premises layout
  • Loyalty metrics: Get figures on visitor frequency and return visits
  • Real estate evaluation: Optimise tenant ROI

Understanding these metrics and behaviour patterns will give your organisation the analytical firepower to make decisions that positively impact your marketing, customer engagement and bottom line.

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