ArcGIS GeoEvent ServerReal-time mapping and analytics

Monitor your most valuable assets on land, sea and in the air

Map dynamic assets — such as vehicles, aircraft and vessels — or stationary assets — such as weather and environmental monitoring sensors — in real-time for better decision making with GeoEvent Server. Additional real-time situational awareness provided by GeoEvent Server makes for better coordinated field activities.

Connect to any data stream

Connect to virtually any type of streaming data feed and transform your GIS applications into frontline decision apps displaying the latest information as it occurs. GeoEvent Server includes connectors for common data streams including in-vehicle GPS devices as well as social media providers. You can find additional connectors online or use the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server SDK to create custom connectors and processors to extend existing capabilities.

Process and filter real-time data

Detect and focus on the most important events, locations and thresholds for your operations without interruption. GeoEvent Server accommodates multiple streams of data flowing continuously through filters and processing steps that you define. Perform real-time analytics on streams of data to identify patterns of interest important to your organisation.

Respond in real-time for better decision making

When locations change, patterns of interest are detected, or specified criteria are met, GeoEvent Server can automatically and simultaneously send alerts to key decision making personnel wherever they are, update the map, append the database and interact with other enterprise systems.


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