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Our Relationship with Esri

Esri Australia and Esri are united in their commitment to the growth of the geosciences industry. The companies combine forces to drive thought-leadership programs and activities that advance the science of GIS while contributing to a stockpile of shared intellectual property. 
Esri invests significant time and resources to working with Esri Australia in the mutual pursuit of innovation and excellence. Leading research, best practice training and access to industry specialists are all benefits of the Esri-Esri Australia relationship.
As the undisputed trailblazer and global leader in GIS, Esri pioneered the assembly and analysis of geographic information – the science behind modern-day GIS – to inform landmark projects and develop leading-edge products. Now servicing some 350,000 clients in 150 different countries, Esri has a pervasive global presence.
An enduring partnership with Esri Australia ensures Esri’s iconic ArcGIS product is effectively promoted and locally supported; and that the value and benefits of GIS technology are brought to both corporate and community users in this country.

Fast facts:

  • Esri was founded in Redlands, California, in 1969 as the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), a consulting firm specialising in land use analysis projects;
  • During the 1970s, the company built on its scientific heritage to develop a set of tools that could be applied in a computer environment to create a Geographic Information System (GIS);
  • Under the vision of founder, president and undisputed father of GIS Jack Dangermond, Esri continues to develop and distribute cutting-edge GIS technologies used in every industry around the world;
  • In 1981, Esri held its first user conference, attended by 18 people. The event has grown to become the largest GIS event in the world, attracting more than 13,000 attendees annually;
  • In 1982, the company launched the world’s first commercial GIS software, ARC/INFO;
  • During the late 1990s, Esri reengineered ARC/INFO to develop a modular and scalable GIS platform that would work both on the desktop and across the enterprise – the iconic ArcGIS;
  • ArcGIS continues to grow –  setting new world-standards for GIS deployment – and is now available across desktop, server, mobile and web platforms;
  • Esri has delivered further innovation through ArcGIS Online, which leverages cloud computing opportunities to make GIS available – free of charge – to every household, student, community group and business throughout the world;
  • Today Esri employs 3,000 people in the United States across ten regional offices, and has links to more than 80 international distributors;
  • For more than 40 years, Esri has been unmatched in its commitment to nurturing the science of GIS, reinvesting 22% of its profits annually into research and development;
  • Esri’s investment in the science has fortified its standing as the clear global leader in GIS, servicing some 350,000 clients in more than 150 countries;
  • Since its inception, Esri has remained 100% privately owned.