Doug van Gelder

National Practice Manager, Utilities and Telecommunications
Esri Australia, Brisbane

As Esri Australia's National Business Manager for Utilities, Doug helps clients leverage world-leading GIS technology to achieve improvements in business and management.

With a wealth of experience in a number of roles across the ICT industry, Doug brings valuable skill and knowledge to his current role. He first used GIS as a navigator and warfare officer in the Royal Australian Navy and has since maintained his passion for the use of GIS technology in analysing and managing business operations.

Doug has also honed his expertise in the application of GIS across multiple sectors including state and local government, large multinational commercial organisations and utilities. More recently, Doug has focused on utilities, alongside emergency services, law enforcement and agriculture, with the ultimate aim of improving information management and collaboration while enabling better decision-making and administration.

Doug applies his knowledge and skill to help clients optimise business outcomes through leveraging the capabilities and flexibility of the latest GIS technologies, centred on the Esri platform plus associated partner offerings from Schneider Electric, GeoNexus and Epoch, to name a few.

Doug is keenly interested in working with clients and partners to dramatically improve organisational performance.

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