GIS technology can provide emergency and disaster response authorities with powerful mapping and analysis capabilities - helping to identify risks, accurately understand potential impacts and develop effective mitigation and response plans.

Integrated solutions for fire management

Identify at-risk areas

Identifying bushfire risk in a community allows public safety agencies to prioritise those risks. This enables bushfire mitigation efforts, planning, and the ability to make data-driven decisions to deploy resources. First, you must acquire information about what is occurring within your community. The data will be used to identify both current risks and historical trends. GIS provides the ability to present this data in a visual perspective that easily communicates the risk within a community. It also allows public safety officials to analyse multiple datasets to determine how these risks will impact citizens, infrastructure, and the environment

Risk analysis for the bushfire interface

Manage response and operations

Esri technology and solutions support federal, state, and local agencies' emergency response activities. These agencies use Esri technology to provide seamless data sharing, improved communications, and more efficient resource management. Esri supports emergency operations centers daily with resource management and operational response solutions. Mapping and dashboard products are prominent in an emergency operations centre where they provide real-time decision support for ongoing incidents.

Deploy and track resources

Share public information

Citizens need access to information before, during, and after an incident to assess their personal risk and determine when to act. But information without context is hard to understand. Esri puts your information in the context of location - where hazards exist, where evacuation zones are located, and where to evacuate when needed. GIS supports an agency's public information program through the use of visual data. Communicate to the public with an authoritative voice using powerful, detailed, digital maps designed to scale when the public and media need them most.

Communicate with authority

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