Supporting enterprise-wide GIS adoption

In this webinar, the Brisbane City Council (BCC) share how they complement their internal team when investigating or delivering forward-looking change programs.

Go behind the scenes of BCC’s Enterprise Advantage Program (EAP) strategy to learn how to ensure the right skills are in place for targeted initiatives in a busy operational environment.

Webinar recording


  • Hear Brisbane City Council’s strategic approach to achieving their enterprise-wide spatial goals.
  • Learn more about Esri’s Enterprise Advantage Program.
  • Find out how any organisation can augment their team with specialist skills and technology expertise.
  • Discuss common roadblocks and how to overcome them.


Craig Ferne
Craig Ferne
Principal Consultant, Advisory Services
Esri Australia , Brisbane
A veteran of the spatial industry with extensive experience with public and private sector companies around the world.
Mark Grenfell
Mark Grenfell
Spatial Services Manager
Brisbane City Council , Brisbane
Leads spatial projects for local government

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