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A tech-led approach to leadership

In the Directions with Stan Grant podcast, join author, broadcaster and multi-award-winning journalist Stan Grant as he explores the leadership styles of ordinary people faced with extraordinary responsibilities.

Challenging guests to weigh in on a topic way out of their comfort zone, Stan unearths what makes them tick, their instincts under pressure, and the single thread that connects them all. From common leadership challenges to solving the biggest issues of our time – this is the podcast where leaders come to learn.

Featured on the podcast

Explore some of the special guests who will be interviewed on Season One of the Directions podcast.

Martin O'Malley
Martin O'Malley
61st Governor of Maryland, former Mayor of Baltimore and 2016 US Democratic Presidential Candidate
A global authority on the use of technology and location-based analytics in government.
Dr Kathryn Sullivan profile
Dr Kathryn Sullivan
Scientist, Astronaut, Explorer
Dr Kathryn Sullivan is an accomplished scientist, astronaut, author, executive and an intrepid explorer who has built a career breaking ground and pushing the boundaries of the status quo.
Mike King profile image
Mike King
Former criminal investigator and chief
Former criminal investigator, global public safety expert and one of the world's leading advocates of GIS technology for law enforcement.
Brian Boulmay
Brian Boulmay
Global digital transformation leader
As BP's Global Integration Director, Brian Boulmay has overseen the petroleum giant's digital transformation strategy.
Chief Kim Zagaris
Kim Zagaris
Fire chief, policy and technology advisor
Chief Kim Zagaris is the Wildfire Policy and Technology Advisor for the Western Fire Chiefs Association -- a position created in response to the destructive wildfires that have unfolded across the Western US. 
Linda Peters, Esri Inc
Linda Peters
Global data strategist
Working with global NSOs to apply geospatial analysis to census and other data-intensive activities.
Dr Amen Ra Mashariki
Dr Amen Ra Mashariki
Global director, World Resources Institute
Dr Amen Mashariki is the Global Director for the Data Lab at the World Resources Institute, where he combines data analysis with cutting edge technology to tackle global challenges.
Stan Grant profile
Stan Grant
Multi-award winning journalist
Stan Grant is a multi-award winning journalist with a career spanning more than 30 years across 70 countries. He has hosted major news and current affairs programs on Australian commercial and public TV.

Directions with Stan Grant podcast

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