In 1994, the year Australia’s Geocentric Datum (GDA94) was last re-set, a heart-pounding moment on the rugby field highlighted just how much of a difference a metre can make.

As the determined All Blacks winger Jeff Wilson came within touching distance of securing the Bledisloe Cup for the Kiwis, Australian half-back George Gregan flew in from the left, knocking the ball from Wilson’s hands, securing victory for the Wallabies. Only metres defined the victory.

Just as metres can matter on the rugby field, metres really matter when it comes to your spatial data.

Now, 24 years later, GDA2020 has the potential to shift the goal posts of success for a whole range of daily operations. While the datum shift may not seem as dramatic as the All Blacks’ defeat on the rugby field decades earlier, it’s something that needs to be planned and managed to avoid serious pitfalls.

By 2020, when Australia’s coordinates are once again re-set to GDA2020, the difference compared to the GDA94 datum will be up to 1.8 metres. In the GDA94 update, the difference was up to 200 metres – an indication of how crucial accuracy has become in such a short time.

For any organisation relying on accurate location data, a difference of 1.8 metres is critical.

Planning, communication, and teamwork are key ingredients to ensure a successful outcome – just like it is on the rugby field.

In preparation for the move to GDA2020, Esri Australia is offering a service package, based on expertise gathered from participating in the ICSM GDA Modernisation Implementation Working Group and collaborating with the ICSM GDA2020 technical team to remain up to date with GDA2020 compliance requirements.

Esri Australia’s professional services team is available to share the lessons, the tools, and the plans – so you’re prepared and ready to transform to GDA2020.

Our GDA2020 specialists work alongside your in-house spatial team. The engagement is delivered onsite – the first steps are to evaluate your business data and establish a baseline of data products and artefacts within your organisation which require migration to GDA2020.

This will give you complete visibility over the path you need to take to see a clear strategic game plan to migrate data in a measured and methodical manner which ensures the integrity of core data utilised by your organisation.

A GDA2020 services package will deliver insights at senior management and spatial team levels.

Benefits for senior managers will include:

  • An understanding and awareness of the change and impact on your organisation

  • Assurance that your organisation has a plan for change

  • The ability to communicate openly, organisation-wide, about the transformation

Benefits for the spatial team will include:

  • A focused review considering your specific business scenarios

  • Information about options, reducing the unknown

  • An outline for a risk-minimisation plan

  • A clear path forward for business-critical systems

  • The ability to collaborate and share learnings with the wider Esri community undergoing this change

The time to start thinking about your GDA2020 plan is now: the try-line is already in sight.

For more information on the next steps to prepare for GDA2020 migration, book a free one-hour phone consultation with one of our specialists or call 1800 870 750.

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