At the core of many of the world’s most well-known and disruptive apps lies a common thread that could prove the key for more successful startups in the future.

Five years ago, few people had heard about Uber, Tinder, Airbnb or Yelp. Now, you probably use one or more of these apps on a regular basis, be it to commute, to connect, to travel or dine.

Each application helps you with a different part of your life. But all applications are centred around the same critical element. Location.

Advanced location-based analytics is the key technology difference maker that has allowed us to progress from call queues, dank bars and travel agencies.

Now, we can be matched with our desired service almost instantly, using nothing more than a smart device and our fingertips.

And with open datasets, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) all playing their part in today’s digital economy, budding developers have easy access to the real-time spatial data they need to get their apps off the ground.

Helping emerging businesses harness location in their apps is the Esri Startup Program, which provides online services, software, support and additional content to entrepreneurs looking to create the next big app.

The program was introduced in 2012, and in that short time has already empowered many startups with the skills they need to innovate off the back of location-based analytics capabilities.

Just last week, the Global Manager of the Esri Startup Program, Kurt Daradics, was in the country to work with up-and-coming Australian businesses on their various developments.

He considers location-based analytics vital to the success of many new disruptive apps. I feel the same way.

Visualising information by new and engaging means isn’t the future – it’s now, and it’s expected.

The secret to success, however, is to locate your niche, before someone else does.

You can read more about Kurt’s experiences with Australian startups via an article published by Computerworld Australia. If you’re part of a budding startup and would like to better leverage location in your work, I also encourage you join the Esri Startup Program.

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Gary Johnson
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