Solve complex problems with urban analytics

As the Global Director for the Data Lab at the World Resources Institute, and the former Chief Analytics Officer for the City of New York, Dr Amen Ra Mashariki is one of the most experienced data strategists in the world when it comes to leveraging urban analytics and data science to solve complex problems.

Dr Mashariki features as a guest in the leadership podcast Directions with Stan Grant - Listen now. 

In this 14-page guidebook, Dr Mashariki reveals the top 5 lessons from New York City’s digital transformation journey and shares best-practice data strategies for creating smarter cities.

Download Dr Mashariki’s guide and learn how to speed up emergency response, control disease outbreaks and increase community engagement.

I saw what happens when data fails during my tenure at New York City during 9/11. The inability to share data with those who need it at all times caused challenges during both manmade and natural catastrophes…The system of ‘need to know’ should be replaced by a system of ‘need to share’.

– Dr Amen Ra Mashariki

5 lessons from New York City's digital transformation journey

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