The five key types of ArcGIS users

Want to know where your professional needs fit within the ArcGIS platform? To help you identify the right products and GIS capabilities for your work, and to simplify the licensing process for you, we’ve summarised the five key types of ArcGIS users.


Bring the big picture into focus

You want to view maps easily, and gather information quickly to answer important questions. You’re not interested in creating GIS products or services – you just want to work smarter and achieve greater results.

Suited for: CEOs, executives, marketing professionals
Recommended software/licence: ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise


Get more from the data you use everyday

As a knowledge worker on the go, you need the ability to develop, update and share maps and data. There are often many of you in an organisation and you require different privileges, depending on your role – be it a user, publisher or administrator.

Suited for: field workers, contractors, engagement officers
Recommended software/licence: ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise


Be a trusted source for relevant information

Your position requires you to perform geospatial analysis, visualise data in a spatial context and develop detailed, layered maps that inform the important decisions made by other members of your organisation.

Suited for: asset performance managers, GIS technicians, cartographers
Recommended software/licence: ArcGIS Desktop Basic licence


Integrate GIS into your existing IT environment

You’re responsible for maintaining the integrity of your organisation’s maps and data, so these digital assets can be used, with confidence, by key decision-makers. You also need to curate geospatial databases so that system performance is optimised.

Suited for: spatial data specialists, spatial information officers, surveyors
Recommended software/licence: ArcGIS Desktop Standard licence


Locate the answers that inform your organisation's future decisions

Performing advanced geospatial analysis, visualisation and mapping is what you do. You’re recognised as your company’s GIS lead and are relied on to efficiently manage the use and distribution of mapping products and large volumes of data.

Suited for: GIS managers, compliance officers, information analysts
Recommended software/licence: ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licence

If you’d like to discuss your product and licensing needs in more detail, call 1800 870 750 and ask to speak with an ArcGIS technical specialist.