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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Key Features

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst provides a range of sophisticated spatial data tools to facilitate modelling and analysis. 

Suitability Modelling

  • Use ArcGIS Spatial Analyst to select the best location for a new site.

Surface Analysis

  • Build and analyse complex surfaces to identify patterns or features.

Distance Analysis

  • Calculate the cost of travel, cost-weighted distance, least-cost path, and shortest path using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.

Density Analysis

  • Calculate a density value for each cell in an output raster.

Solar Analysis

  • Calculate incoming solar radiation to model and analyse its effects.

Hydrologic Analysis

  • Derive new information from hydrologic and landscape data.

Statistical Analysis

  • Apply cell, neighborhood, zonal overlay, and multivariate statistical analysis techniques to the modelling of your spatial data.

Map Algebra

  • Use map algebra to combine multiple maps, perform suitability analyses, assign weights, and identify relationships.

Scripting and Customisation

  • Create custom models and analysis functions with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst customisation options.

Graphic Modelling

  • Use ModelBuilder, a graphic modelling tool, to create advanced procedures and workflows.

Raster Generalisation

  • Generalise your data to omit unnecessary detail.