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ArcGIS Data Reviewer

ArcGIS Data Reviewer (formerly GIS Data ReViewer) is an extension to ArcGIS for Desktop that provides a complete system to automate and simplify your GIS data quality control (QC) process. 

The Data Reviewer extension lets you centrally manage the error QC lifecycle process - finding, correcting, and verifying errors - thereby eliminating any paper trail associated with traditional QC processes.

ArcGIS Data Reviewer provides a variety of automated checks that can immediately improve your data integrity such as spatial, attribute, topology, connectivity, database validation, and z-value, that users from any industry can easily configure and run on their data.

With ArcGIS Data Reviewer, you can:

  • Automate and simplify your QC process using out-of-the-box, user-configurable checks;
  • Access preconfigured batch jobs specific to your industry via the Esri Resource Centre;
  • Track who reviewed and corrected your data and when by automatically capturing user information and a date/time stamp;
  • Streamline the error correction workflow across the organisation by storing error properties in a centralised location;
  • Implement a consistent, organisation-wide data review process by sharing batch jobs between teams or with contractors;
  • Create your own data review process by building additional checks specific to your organisation;
  • Free up resources by scheduling data checks to run at specified dates and times-often when staff are away; and
  • Ensure that changes to versions are correct before reconciling and posting to the parent or master version.

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