Ian Read

Ian Read

Service Manager Business Information Systems
– Redland City Council

Ian Read is an experienced spatial information professional with 20 years’ experience with the Australian Army as a geomatic specialist, cartographer and surveyor. Working with mid-sized local government as a team leader, principal technician and now service manager over 13 years, Ian is passionate about leadership, training, problem solving and collaboration in complex environments.

His background and current duties have furnished him with both a deep technical hands-on knowledge of spatial technologies and a broad business focused view of their application. He has an enduring passion for the spatial sciences and a genuine gratitude for where they have led his life.

Event Ozri 2018 – Brisbane

Ozri 2018 – Brisbane

The second leg of Ozri’s three-city tour brings the world to Brisbane for a day of product demonstrations, user stories, thought leadership and insight from Australian and international GIS industry leaders.

Presentation Reinventing spatial services with Portal for ArcGIS

Reinventing spatial services with Portal for ArcGIS

Presenters: Ian Read and Stephen Elliott, Redland City Council

See how Redland City Council in Brisbane used Portal for ArcGIS to create a vision roadmap and spatial strategy, transforming its internal and external spatial services.

Case study Spatial data improves council service delivery

Spatial data improves council service delivery

Redland City Council’s whole-of-government approach to GIS has created an agile, citizen-centric council delivering better services and higher savings.