George Mastakas

George Mastakas

VP, Enterprise Solutions
– Cityworks

George Mastakas has 25 years’ experience bringing GIS-centric asset management solutions to local government and public service organisations. George is committed to providing GIS-centric solutions that help communities be more resilient, sustainable and safe — while increasing their levels of service and reducing costs along the way. The culmination of these efforts is reflected in the Cityworks software platform, where he has been involved in its inception, growth, and expansion since 1996.

Presentation Real-time asset management for operational awareness

Real-time asset management for operational awareness

Presenters: Phil Mogavero and George Mastakas, Cityworks

St Johns County, Florida leverages Cityworks and ArcGIS to support asset performance, asset lifecycle, and emergency management initiatives through a real-time dashboard view of critical information.

Event Ozri 2018 – Sydney

Ozri 2018 – Sydney

The Australian Esri User Conference – Ozri 2018 kicks off in Sydney, bringing leading Australian and international industry experts together to showcase innovative GIS applications and discuss the latest current technology trends.