Dr Hossein Parsa

Dr Hossein Parsa

Manager, Spatial Services
– VicRoads

Dr Hossein Parsa is a thought leader in transport technology and the use of spatial analytics in advanced topics like Connected and Automated Vehicles, Smart Cities, Mobility as a Service and Intelligent Transport System. He has held a number of executive roles in the transport technology domain and is an advisor to national and state entities for the utilisation of spatial technology.

Presentation Spatial solutions with ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard

Spatial solutions with ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard

Presenters: Hossein Parsa and Dr Sheelan Sheikheslami Vaez, VicRoads

VicRoads established a centre of expertise on spatial insights and analytics with Insights and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to facilitate greater spatial visibility and awareness across the organisation.

Event Ozri 2018 – Melbourne

Ozri 2018 – Melbourne

The Ozri 2018 roadshow ends in Melbourne, with more user success stories, thought leadership and product demonstrations from leading Australian and international industry experts.