Bin Lu

Bin Lu

PhD Candidate
– Australian National University

Bin Lu is a senior electrical engineer with 12 years’ experience. He holds a Master and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degrees and is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian National University.

He has been providing engineering design and consulting on power supply and electrical systems for infrastructure, municipal facilities, commercial and residential buildings.

His research interests include electricity system/market modelling, assessment of renewable energy resources, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) application development and power system analysis. 

Presentation Modelling Australia’s renewable energy future with GIS

Modelling Australia’s renewable energy future with GIS

Presenter: Bin Lu, Australian National University

This presentation shows how GIS surveys have identified locations suitable for pumped hydro energy storage, with enough potential to generate 100% renewable electricity in Australia.

Event Ozri 2018 – Sydney

Ozri 2018 – Sydney

The Australian Esri User Conference – Ozri 2018 kicks off in Sydney, bringing leading Australian and international industry experts together to showcase innovative GIS applications and discuss the latest current technology trends.