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Today’s corporate leaders crave information that strengthens their operations and guides strategic decisions. In recent years, that quest has changed in ways large and small. Information has never been so abundant, and its ability to help executives see around corners has never been so pronounced.

Credit goes to technological phenomena such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) for this shift: they are producing information of nearly incalculable breadth and depth. In fact, some researchers say the world has created as much data in the past year or two as it has in all prior years of its existence.

Yet data and information are commodities – plentiful but not necessarily valuable in and of themselves. Among executives, there is a growing and profound recognition that insight, not mere information, is the new gold.

Forward-thinking executives are increasingly turning to location intelligence to contextualise their information to drive greater returns from their IoT and AI investments.

The AI and location intelligence e-book draws on case studies from around the world to provide a best practice approach to finding insight and competitive edge from data.

Discover how AI combined with location intelligence can help you generate robust analysis, gain deeper insights and make better decisions – download the e-book now.

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