When disaster strikes

In his book Smarter Government, former Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, outlines a proven approach to leadership in the digital age – one characterised by smart communities, real-time information and transparent government.

During his time as Mayor, this approach that saw Martin O’Malley cut crime rates in Baltimore by 43% and shave $100M off operating costs by using cutting-edge tech to map, track and address city-wide challenges with data-driven decision-making.

Download a free copy of the chapter ‘When disaster strikes’ – which unpacks how governments can use technology to manage crises and deliver ‘data at the speed of thought’.

Governor Martin O’Malley features as a guest in the new leadership podcast Directions with Stan Grant, Listen now.

“Governors like Martin O’Malley... have revolutionised performance management systems, showing people precisely how their governments are working for them.” – President Barack Obama

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