National security

Accurately identify and quickly respond to national security threats

Managers of the world’s leading national security agencies are increasingly turning to location-based analytics to effectively identify and respond to national security threats, and create safer communities.

The approach uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to map and analyse national security data, enabling you to:

  • Easily detect patterns and trends in your Big Data
  • Undertake risk assessments and true-to-life scenario modelling
  • Record and analyse data in real-time
  • Distribute up-to-the-minute information to any device
  • Facilitate information sharing and inter-agency collaboration

Location-based analytics and GIS technology provides a common operating picture and the shared situational awareness required to effectively coordinate responses and maximise mission success.

War ship

Defence and intelligence

Break down information silos and create an authoritative, single-point-of-truth.

Emergency services - Australian fire engine

Emergency services

Streamline disaster preparedness and response, and increase community resilience.

Law enforcement - Australian police

Law enforcement

Identify crime patterns and manage operational accountability processes.

Safe communities

Safe communities

Better understand threats to protect citizens – effectively respond to emergencies, enforce the law and safeguard the community.


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